Compliance specialists

Recordsure is the brainchild of TCC, the UK’s largest compliance specialist. With a deep understanding of the regulatory challenges facing financial services firms, customer-centric companies, and government organisations, our compliance specialists created Recordsure to be a robust and revolutionary solution, expressly designed to help organisations stay ahead of changing regulatory rules and expectations.

Data scientists

Our solutions leverage the latest thinking in machine learning and artificial intelligence to put the copious data produced in customer interactions to good use. Recordsure’s talented data scientists have developed tools to collect, analyze, and classify customer interaction data with unprecedented precision. Most importantly by harnessing the power of machine learning, the more Recordsure is used, the better it gets.

Linguistics experts

How do we ensure every word of your conversations is understood? Our team of computational linguists, cognitive scientists, and semantics experts have created the some of the world’s most-advanced speech analysis tools. Unlike traditional speech analysis, which simply monitor for keywords or phrases, our sophisticated artificial intelligence is designed to derive meaning from natural conversations, even those about complex financial or legal topics.

Meet the Team