Organisations can engage in a huge number of daily conversations with their customers

Telephone conversations, face-to-face meetings and written correspondence provide invaluable information for optimising regulatory compliance, risk management, customer care and sales.

Harnessing this data through traditional methods is difficult at scale. This often forces the adoption of random sampling of smaller segments in the hope that wider systemic trends might surface.

Legacy processes create blind spots which risk:

  • Incomplete audit trails and failure to support customers
  • Regulatory fines and missed revenue opportunities
  • Damage to brand reputation and consumer trust

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Improving customer outcomes with advanced conversational analytics and automation

conversation analytics

Recordsure builds pioneering tools that can gather data from all customer interactions, automatically interpret the information in much the same way a human reviewer would, then leverage commercially valuable insights and significant cases for follow-up action.

Using AI technology to do the heavy lifting

  • Stay on top of 100% of accounts 24:7 and speed up remediation projects
  • Streamline monitoring activity and lower costs in the process
  • Automatically flag hidden risks, opportunities and important events

Driving performance and culture in regulated industries


Automatically flag high-risk interactions and potentially vulnerable customers

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Compliance | Recordsure
Sales and customer care | Recordsure


Optimise customer experience across the board and make every rep a star performer

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Automate labour-intensive tasks to drive efficiencies in day-to-day processes and remediation projects

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Operations | Recordsure
Training | Recordsure


Define what excellence looks like and then share best practice with the team

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time saving efficiencies vs traditional methods

review coverage - no more need for incomplete random sampling

cost saving in past business reviews


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Cutting edge technology which learns for itself:

the more it is used the smarter it gets

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