A solution for today’s conduct and culture challenges

Your reputation as an organisation rests on the quality of your customer interactions and the consistency of those conversations with the latest regulations and industry best-practices. Despite growing pressure to provide consistently high customer outcomes, companies constantly struggle to gain visibility on their customer interactions. Current methods are expensive, time-consuming, and provide only a partial view of potentially problematic conversations.

Recordsure changes everything

Our conversation recording and analysis solutions give your organisation uniquely powerful ways to capture, classify, and assure the quality of all customer interactions. Recordsure enables you to monitor business conversations across all channels more efficiently, with more control ultimately resulting in lower operational costs and commercially actionable insights.


The Capture solution records face-to-face conversations between customers and your team members with the highest precision on the market. By combining proprietary recording and transcription technologies, all parties have access to the definitive record of what was said in a customer interaction.

Recordsure recordings are held long-term in military-grade storage. Our user-friendly search function makes it easy for you or your customers to find and retrieve the right data. The result is a fully-auditable trail of customer interactions, coupled with powerful management information for understanding your front line activities in a way unachievable with traditional call monitoring.

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The Classify solution delivers a fast and fully tailored review process for recorded interactions, powered by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence ever developed for this application. By segmenting audio into relevant themes based on natural customer-interviewer dialogue, Classify lets you quickly analyse the precise sections that are relevant to particular compliance, sales, and training priorities.

Many Recordsure clients use Classify to target and flag key risk factors in customer interactions, including disclosures, vulnerability, product terms, charges and attitude to risk. Automated risk analysis allows total visibility across the full-breadth of recorded interactions, making spot-checks a thing of the past. Classify can be seamlessly integrated with most enterprise telephony recording systems.

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The Assure solution adds a valuable layer of insight onto your recordings. Your assurance teams are given a dashboard view across all recorded customer interactions. Key patterns and trends can be easily identified as they develop, providing critical management intelligence that can shape business decision making.

Companies use Recordsure to both mitigate compliance risks and maximize customer service outcomes. Different management teams are able to customize their dashboard view to focus on the data that is most relevant to their oversight role. In this way, Recordsure is the only tool that can help optimise customer interactions to drive business performance.

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Create, store, review and analyse an authentic record of every business conversation.


Streamline your conversation and interview monitoring activities and save money in the process.


Recordsure learns for itself. The more it’s used, the smarter it gets.

cutting edge
Cutting Edge

Our recording devices, automation technology and artificial intelligence are the best there is.


With certification up to ISO 27001:2013, your data is in the safest hands.


Created by compliance specialists TCC, Recordsure is the trusted choice of some of the UK’s largest financial institutions.