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Turn your documents into easy-to-navigate evidence records with helpful bookmarking.

Add notes explaining rationale and shrink your review times with fast, accurate and programmable search filters.

Find it fast. Mark it up. Move it on.

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Review is a powerful tool that allows you to navigate complex case documentation quickly and efficiently. Specifically designed to make reviewing large volumes of case documentation simple and straightforward, Review includes intuitive bookmarking and note annotation to help turn your case documentation into a marked-up evidence record.

We make it easier to do the review, and even easier to revisit the findings and conclusions again later.

Smart search, friendly filters

Review allows you to see all case documentation together, within a simple user interface. Any aspect of the document is available to search, from the keywords and phrases found in a document to the metadata of the file itself.

With pre-definable common searches tailored to your review process, finding what you’re looking for has never been more straightforward.

Documents can be easily sorted in the case to allow for quicker navigation. Duplicate and draft documents can be flagged to ensure that no time is wasted in reviewing them again.

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Review the evidence

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Once you’ve found the evidence that you’re looking for, Review provides intuitive tools to help make sure that the next stage of the process can move even faster.

With clever bookmarking capability, the Review tool allows a user to highlight sections of text and mark them as evidence for your review. These bookmarks can then be retrieved later as part of a QA process, or as further evidence in future years if you ever need to review again.

You can also add notes to a document, so colleagues can add questions or helpful comments in context for others to pick up further along the review process.

Intelligent automation

Review provides even more than the intelligent search and filter of files. It automatically extracts data, creates summaries and categorises files to further support the review process.

Find all documents in a case that match a theme, using summaries created automatically by our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, and categorise your documents based on a tailored, pre-defined list to aid future review and discovery.

Reliably extract the document date from within the document itself, no matter how many dates are contained within the document, allowing you to move beyond reliance on metadata alone.

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Seamlessly fits into your workflow

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By itself, Review can be a powerful tool that enables comprehensive and efficient document analysis and review. And to make this even more efficient for your business, Review integrates with traditional workflow tools so you can make the most of the capability in your existing processes.

Through well-defined APIs, Review connects to the workflow tool of your choosing to allow presentation of evidence, such as bookmarks and notes against your review criteria.

This means you can jump straight to the right part of the right document, making QA of the review much faster and more efficient.

If you don’t have a workflow tool to manage your process, that’s not a problem either. We can help you choose the right tool for you and guide you through the integration process to make sure you get the maximum business benefit.

Case closed

Once your review is complete, it’s important to have an auditable record of the evidence gathered that supported your decision making.

Review creates a fully searchable case file that shows which sections of the document were highlighted and bookmarked as evidence. You can then export it as an entire case record, and store it to access in future.

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Once you've got your documents in one place, Review makes it seamless to mark up, annotate and summarise files. It makes collaboration easier and QA a much quicker and more efficient process.

Jonathan Drechsler, Head of Business Development

In the UK, this product is provided in partnership with our sister company TCC, who are compliance and culture specialists. TCC use our technology to bring out its true value by pairing it with their compliance and remediation expertise as part of a fully outsourced managed service.

To learn more about how TCC uses our technology to enhance their remediation and business assurance solutions, please visit their website:

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