Global Partners

RecordSure develops long-term relationships with selected delivery partners and technology suppliers, to enable the solution to function alongside different technology platforms, within varied business environments and in order to reach global markets.

RecordSure regularly partners with forward thinking, leading organisations who have the capability to deliver the solution into global financial institutions, or who operate as systems integrators or OEMs in specialised financial sectors or geographies.


Delivery Partners

RecordSure has the compliance technology plus expertise to dramatically improve the financial sales and advice process across a diverse range of global institutions.

Introducing RecordSure is an activity driven by the company board, with the sales and compliance officers electing to put in place a solution for continual improvement across the systems and controls of front-line operations.

The use of RecordSure can even be transparent to their customers, and therefore bring benefits in the way that a financial institution markets and presents itself against its industry peers.

RecordSure therefore partners with those business consultancy and project management organisations capable of delivering change programmes across departmental boundaries, involving sales, compliance, operations, marketing, voice and IT.


Technology Partners

The closer that RecordSure is incorporated into a financial institution’s voice and data environment, the more they will likely benefit in terms of product reach, efficiency and risk mitigation.

RecordSure therefore partners with OEMs and systems integrators to ensure a holistic and united solution is presented to satisfy the needs of every organisation and department. As well as integration to enterprise, contact centre and mobile telephony recording systems, there are many other technology areas that organisations may choose to unite, as RecordSure forms an intrinsic part of their business operations, including:

  • Security / Single Sign On;
  • Mobile Device Management;
  • CRM, data capture and line-of-business specific point-of-sale systems;
  • Data-warehouse, management information and business intelligence systems;
  • Security information and event management systems;
  • Fraud and risk analysis systems;
  • BPM and workflow systems;
  • Email and messaging;
  • Structured and unstructured document processing;
  • Fixed and mobile video capture;
  • Datacentre, managed service and business process outsourcing.

If you are interested in developing a business relationship with RecordSure and becoming a key component in revolutionising financial services, please contact us for more information.


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